A change to the Rules for registration

To simplify the registration routes and emphasise the importance of high standards of practice, the 10 year experience route to registration will be closed at the end of September 2016.

Currently practitioners who do not have a recognised qualification but who do have 10 years experience in CLD can apply to become registered members on the basis of that length of experience. This provision was put in place as a temporary measure when registration first opened. It gave a route to membership for many experienced practitioners who historically had very varied qualification profiles.

Practitioners who do not have a recognised qualification will still be able to apply to become registered members after September; they will be directed through the Individual Recognition Process, (IRP), route to registration.

The IRP route to registration focuses on a high standard of practice using the CLD principles and values rather than a specific amount of time spent in post. Applicants are expected to demonstrate that their education, training and experience has equipped them to a standard comparable with professionals who hold a recognised qualification.

This change should not prevent any practitioner who can demonstrate they have carried out quality practice from obtaining registered member status.

CLD practitioners who do not have a recognised qualification and who do not wish to apply to become a registered member through the IRP process will still be eligible to apply to become registered associate members.

Applications under the current 10 year experience route will be accepted up until the end of September.

This change to the registration system has been agreed by the CLD Standards Council registration committee and approved by the Executive Committee.