Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

Picture of large black graffiti on white paint, which has been done on side of a red bricked building. It says Together We Create

Photo by bamagal on Unsplash

Together We Create…. and they most certainly did when the CLD Standards Council standing committees came together in February.

Our Committee membership is drawn from across the full spectrum of activity and contexts in CLD. We believe that their combined knowledge, skills, and experience is our most valuable asset, ensuring we are a peer led body working in the interests of the field.

We have an Executive Committee which oversees all our work and ensures that we are fulfilling our responsibilities and effectively representing the CLD sector, alongside three standing committees which correspond to our core responsibilities. Each of the three standing committees are supported by a CLD Standards Council development officer. Here is a brief insight into their current work.


  • Three new approvals in the pipeline
  • Review of Developmental Approval and Standards Mark processes

Professional Learning:

In 2011, the Standards Council published the first national Continuing Professional Development strategy for CLD. It promoted a “learning culture”, where practitioners, paid or unpaid, are involved in a continuous process of learning, development and improvement. It was updated in 2015 and published with the title “Growing the Learning Culture in CLD: A Strategy Statement and Framework for Action”. This update provides the focus for the next stage of support for CLD practitioners, their employers, learning providers and national partners to work together to achieve the vision of a learning culture. And now it’s time to refresh the strategy again. The content is still very much relevant, but we’ll be having a look at how we can make sure the information is clear, easy to find and directly relevant to those in our sector.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we’re delighted to announce that registration for our next Professional Induction Programme is now open! The Professional Induction Programme (PIP) was developed by CLD Standards Council members to help those joining take advantage of all the benefits available as part of CLD Standards Council membership. The programme takes approximately 15 hours to complete over a 12 week period and is due to begin late summer.

Our current PIP participants took part in their first workshop a few weeks ago and here’s how they’re feeling about finding out more about the benefits of membership, support with professional learning and making connections.

Screenshot with the question "How are you feeling about the start of your PIP journey". 18 responses. Word cloud with the following words : exited; connected; motivated; enthused; intrigued; inspired; happy; uplifted; grateful; supported; educational

If you’d like to join the next PIP course, give us your details on this short form and we’ll be in touch!


The registration committee’s strategic objective is to maintain and develop the Registration system and establish members’ services for practitioners delivering and active in CLD. To do this their key outcomes are:

  • Promote registration and membership of CLD Standards Council, ensuring equality and inclusion policies are embedded.
  • Increase and improve internal and external communications regarding registration, membership, public register, and all registration processes.
  • Support cross committee working to improve registration and membership policies and processes.

At present, the registration committee members are working hard on developing new up to date promotional material, following on from the new Information Flyer. They delivered a fun and interactive seminar at SCVO The Gathering last year, and are currently finalising a new presentation, with guidance, for all members to access and use in their areas. This will help increase awareness of the CLD Standards Council, raise the profile of the profession and help members and potential members understand the range of benefits from being part of the professional body for CLD in Scotland.

There are also exciting developments regarding a new digital registration form and the processes to support that. Alongside these activities they are planning to record some suites of vlogs and promotional videos, some on the committees themselves and others on the benefits membership and to highlight the vast array of practitioners and talent that makes up the CLD workforce across Scotland.