Defenders of Rights

Purple circle with CLD Standards Council logo and the words Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Members' Forum

There is a lot happening with the CLD Standards Councils Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Members Forum, following on from such a brilliant and busy year of online sessions.  

This forum was set up following requests from our members for a safe informal space to enquire and learn together on topics that come under Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion. We support attendees to join in, enquire together, learn from each other, and enable this forum to flourish and be the inclusive and supportive space we all look for.

These ED&I members forum sessions are also about building relationships, and we encourage attendees to share thoughts and experiences, or equally join online and be comfortable to just listen.

This forum supports CLD values such as Inclusion, Working Collaboratively and Promotion of Learning, and we always encourage attendees to share the knowledge and understanding from these sessions afterwards within their own communities of practice, within their teams, and wider networks, so together we create a ripple effect of learning. All information, slides and shared resources from each session are made be available on our ED&I space on i-develop.

Our next online session on 25th March is all about reflecting on all of the sessions over the past year, reviewing what worked and what didn’t, as well as the i-develop group space for resources. It is also critical we hear from you, our members, on what future topics under Equality, Diversity and Inclusion you would like to discuss over 2024/2025, so book to join us at the March forum on Eventbrite

Our April forum is all about Rights. Members asked for a session to unpick aspects of rights work within CLD, especially with the new proposed Bill for Human Rights in Scotland and UNCRC. We are delighted that we will be joined by Clare MacGillivray from Making Rights Real. Clare will lead discussions on how CLD can champion rights and be rights defenders! Together we will enquire how to connect rights within our work with vulnerable individuals and communities, and get a better understanding of Human Rights, along with examples of how CLD supports learners and communities to stand up for their rights and find a voice. Book for the April forum on Eventbrite.

Look forward to seeing you there.