Professional Induction Programme – for members, with members, by members!

Image with the i-develop logo, Induction logo and text Professional Induction: An introduction to the purpose and functions of the CLD Standards Council and expectations of membership.

The Professional Induction Programme (PIP) was developed by CLD Standards Council members to help those joining take advantage of all the benefits available as part of CLD Standards Council membership.

Through completing our Professional Induction Programme, you will

  • Increase your awareness and understanding of
    • the purpose, functions and professional standards of the CLDSC and the requirements;
    • the benefits of membership, with particular reference to professional learning and development
    • being a member of the CLDSC;
    • the process of professional learning and development to professional practice, recognition and progression;
    • the benefits that peer support and mentoring bring to professional learning and development.
  • Produce a Professional Learning & Development (PL&D) Plan setting professional learning goals within the context of your practice and critically reflect on its development.

The Programme is split into three units:

  1. The CLD Standards Council Scotland – its Vision, Values, Code of Ethics and functions;
  2. Registration, Learning and Review;
  3. Goal Setting and Plan Development.

Each unit takes approximately 5 hours to complete.

The programme is delivered through i-develop and you’ll be allocated a course mentor. We’re delighted to welcome two new course mentors to the programme this year; Jamie Mallan and Fiona Morrison. They join John Galt, Graham Hewitson and Mike Naulty in providing support with PIP activities. All the course mentors are members of the CLD Standards Council Professional Learning Committee.

You will also be able to connect with other members who are doing the programme through our dedicated Slack channel.

The programme will begin in January 2024. If you’re interested in taking part, complete this registration form.