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As the consultation stage of the Independent CLD Review is coming to an end, we wanted to update you on our activity. Our dedicated i-develop space has all the information for you to review, (login required).

In order to represent the views of Members, the CLD Standards Council’s objective throughout the review period has been to raise awareness and facilitate a programme of member focus groups, stakeholder meetings, questionnaires, and online member engagement activity. To date the CLD Standards Council has offered:

  • Thirty engagement opportunities for members, stakeholders, and partner agencies.
  • Fifteen online discussion groups.
  • Six in person discussion groups.
  • Seven one to one meetings, and
  • Two online questionnaires to capture the views of qualified practitioners who no longer work in a CLD role, and to gather current demographic data on our membership.

We have recorded over 940 member engagements across the thirty events, with a further two in-person events scheduled to be held in rural regions of Scotland in mid-March, and a staff discussion day late March.

In addition, CLD Standards Council is working in partnership with CLD Managers Scotland to host the CLD in Scotland Conference which will take place in Glasgow in April 2024. This conference is aimed at middle and senior leaders in CLD and will focus on the current independent review of CLD in Scotland. It will give delegates an opportunity to consider the four key review areas (Awareness & Visibility; Accessibility & Availability; Support & Learning; and Pathways & Progression), will have inputs from key academic and political voices and give delegates the opportunity to listen to, question and reflect on speakers’ reflections on the CLD Review. Direct invitations to members of CLD Managers Scotland and to key voluntary sector and national organisation representatives have been sent by email. If you think you should have received an invitation but haven’t, please email  

We have submitted thirteen separate focused responses. For full information and to access our submissions, please visit our CLD review space on i-develop.