New Scot Integration Strategy – December 2023

The New Scots Refugee Integration Strategy sets out Scotland’s commitment to support people to build meaningful and sustainable lives here. It aims to support refugees and people seeking asylum in Scotland’s communities. This includes people who have been granted refugee status or another form of humanitarian protection; people seeking asylum; and those whose application for asylum has been refused, but who remain in Scotland. This review of the previous strategy (2018-2022) is being conducted jointly by the Scottish Government, COSLA and the Scottish Refugee Council and provides an opportunity for everyone in Scotland to work together to welcome and support people seeking protection here. It seeks to review the integration processes and understands it is a long-term, two-way process, involving positive change in both individuals and host communities, which leads to cohesive, diverse communities.

We fully welcome the review of this strategy, however we felt the aims and principles set out did not go far enough and show the importance of language acquisition, as it is at the heart of all integration processes. Please read our full response which was compiled following consultation with members of the CLD Standards Council, the staff team and partner organisations, which was submitted on 20th December 2023.

See also subsequent joint response with Education Scotland in February 2024.