We all need Professional Learning and Development. And it doesn’t always mean attending a conference, training session or workshop. Imagine if you could support your own (or someone else’s) professional learning over a cuppa and a chat? Well, that’s what our Supporting Professional Learning Together option offers.


Buddies are experienced CLD Standards Council members who provide support to newer members particularly those working in contexts where this kind of assistance is not readily available. A buddying relationship offers the right to a safe space where you can share and challenge practice.

Professional Learning Verifiers

As part of your renewal of registration process, it’s essential for members to have their PL verified by their line manager or someone in a mentor type of role. We know that some members do not have access to an appropriate person to verify their PL within their place of work or the organisation where they volunteer. So, we’re here to help!


This is a member-led process but given the additional pressures facing our membership at the moment, we are keen to help progress this as quickly as possible. Ideally, you choose to be involved and you approach another CLD Standards Council member with whom you feel you could have this kind of peer mentoring relationship. This is a professional development role and your peer mentor needs to be more than a friend and/or acquaintance and/or colleague. However, if you don’t have anyone in mind to approach, you can ask us to help match you with someone.

If you’d like to get involved, please complete and return this form telling us about who you are, what you’d like to be involved in and the areas/topics you want to chat about. We will then do some matchmaking!

News article from the Member Bulletin August 2023