Reports on the work of the Council


coverofannualreport2016bAnnual Report 2015-2016

The primary purpose of this report is to give our members an overview of the work, challenges and successes of the CLD Standards Council and its constituent parts over the course of the last year.

Download: Annual Report 2015-2016



Previous Reports

Image of section of teh Story so far report2015 Annual report

The Story so Far, our 2015 annual report, highlights progress that the Standards Council is making toward our Objectives, and the work we have undertaken to fulfil our Responsibilities.

Download The Story so Far.


Annual report 2012

View the Annual report 2012 presentation


Annual report 2011

View ‘The Journey so far ..’ annual report for 2011 for the Standards Council.


The creation and early days of the council

During the period of establishment from 2007 the staff team, overseen by an Interim Standards Council, talked to over 1000 people from the CLD Sector, completed 2 research projects, set the refresh of the CLD training competencies in motion and made recommendations to the Cabinet Secretary, before advertising opportunities to sit on the four committees of the CLD Standards Council.