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Response to Review of coherent provision and sustainability in Further and Higher Education – August 2020

Further details and CLD Standards Council response …

Response to replacement of EU Structural Funds Consultation – February 2020

Further details and CLD Standards Council response …

Response to GTCS’s draft Professional Standards and Code – December 2019

Further details and CLD Standards Council response …

Consultation on a new National Public Health body – July 2019

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Local Governance Review – November 2018

Following an excellent discussion at the November 2018 meeting of our Executive Committee, the CLD Standards Council submitted a response to the Scottish Government’s Democracy Matters consultation, described as “a conversation about community decision making”, which closed on 30 November 2018.  The consultation forms one part of the Local Governance Review, which is considering “how powers, responsibilities and resources are shared across national and local spheres of government, and with communities”.
Read the response: Local Governance Review – Democracy Matters – CLDSC response
For information on the Local Governance Review, go to https://www.gov.scot/policies/improving-public-services/local-governance-review/

Inquiry into the impact of poverty on attainment – March 2018

Further details and response …

Empowering Schools: A Consultation on the Provisions of the Education (Scotland) Bill

Response and further information to the consultation on the bill can be found in our Governance Review page.

Fair Funding to Achieve Excellence and Equity in Education consultation – October 2017

Further details and response …

Commentary on Scottish Government Programme 2017-18

The Scottish Government launched its Programme for 2017-18 on 5 September. The First Minister described it as “fresh, bold and ambitious”, while media coverage focused on the quantity of legislation.
But what are the issues for CLD and how significant will it be for you and your practice?
Read our commentary which highlights issues and potential actions for CLD practitioners.

CLDSC Commentary Scottish Goverment Programme 2017

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