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Draft Education (Scotland) Bill June 2018

The CLD Standards Council notes with interest the Deputy First Minister’s statement to Parliament yesterday in respect of the proposed Education Reforms. Firstly, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to the hundreds of CLD practitioners across Scotland who participated in the consultation programme over the last year. Whilst our Members understood the rationale for the co-creation of an Education Workforce Council they were adamant about the clear value and benefits of the CLD Standards Council. We will now continue to expand and strengthen professional learning and support for CLD to ensure that all of Scotland’s young people, learners and communities have access to trained professionals in education programmes across all contexts and look forward to our continued engagement with the Scottish Government and Education Scotland.

QAA Consultation

The QAA (Quality Assurance Agency) are seeking comments on the revised Subject Benchmark Statements for –

This consultation is likely to be of interest to employer organisations and their members; staff involved in education and accreditation activities of professional, statutory and regulatory bodies; Staff involved in the design, delivery and review of academic programmes; academic support staff; students and their representatives

View the full consultation invitation information.

Feedback should be submitted via the consultation surveys by 17 June 2016:

Consultations on Community Empowerment Act – Regulations and Statutory Guidance

The Scottish Government is currently consulting on draft guidance and regulations on three aspects of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act:

• Participation Requests (view consultation paper);
• Community Planning (view consultation paper); and
• Asset Transfer (view consultation paper).

The consultations will be open until June, specifically they will close on the 15 June for Participation requests, 13 June for Community Planning and 20 June for Asset transfer.

These are important opportunities for community organisations and CLD practitioners to engage with the implantation of this key legislation. Members of the Standards Council can play a significant role in raising the awareness of colleagues, community organisations and other partners – please consider what you can do!.

The Standards Council will be responding to this consultation process from a CLD perspective and in particular focusing on the issues and implications for workforce development. It is important that the response is directly informed by the experience of members; if you would like to be involved in developing it, please let us know and pass on any initial comments you have at this stage.

The Scottish Community Development Centre has produced a briefing on the participation requests consultation and is running a series of focus groups; information is available on how to get involved.

Spring 2016 update from Marion Allison

Blue Sky thinking… is it really just another hackneyed phrase? I would argue not. Marion Allison
For the CLD Standards Council, Blue Sky thinking has been a fact of life in recent months. As the sun shines stronger, inspiring fabulous views of Glasgow from the 9th Floor of The Optima Building, spring bright blue skies have marked some key developments. Through a winter of change, the Team, Council Chairs and Members have sought to secure, strengthen and grow the base of our Standards Council.

Natasha Zachary-Docherty has returned from Maternity Leave with a spring in her step and has bounced over to a new post within the Communications Team of Education Scotland, where we wish her lots of luck. We are delighted to welcome our new member of staff, Lorna Renton, who, with a wealth of experience will be working to further develop our web presence and support i-develop.

We are thrilled to announce that we now have more than 1300 members and it will be Lorna’s job to maintain and support the Professional Register. With our new and refined registration process now being operated via i-develop, our growing numbers mean that the CLD Standards Council’s membership is similar in size to the Scottish Institute of Directors – the professional body for Chief Executives. Onwards and upwards for us!

Importantly, April 2016 marked a new stage in the relationship between Education Scotland and the CLD Standards Council. Signed by Dr Bill Maxwell, Chief Executive of Education Scotland and Ashley Pringle, Chair of the CLD Standards Council, the new Framework Agreement sets out the strategic goals, roles and responsibilities of both organisations whilst accounting for operational requirements. Already one positive off-shoot is an agreement with HMI. Pre-inspection work will now include data gathering in relation to the number of professionally registered CLD Standards Council members included in an organisation’s complement of staff and volunteers. For both parties, this significant development signals for the first time ever, the inclusion of the CLD Standards Council alongside other professional bodies operating within education and community work sectors. One other budding development is a ground-breaking partnership agreement with the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS). This draft agreement will recognise and reaffirm the role of CLD Standards Council Registered Professionals, GTCS Registered Teachers and the unique but complementary work of both professional associations and help us to grow and tend relevant professional networks and learning opportunities.

Council members have been toiling in our new meeting venue, The Prince’s Trust Wolfson Centre in Glasgow. Having agreed our organisational purpose, mission, vision and refined strategic objectives, the Committees are working hard to plant Council plans, strategies and governance procedures that will mature over the next three years. Recent work with the University of the West of Scotland, which pending sign off from the Approvals Committee, will professionally validate their BA/BA(HONS) and PGCE in Community Education, and further to a refresh, the subject benchmark statements for Social Work and Youth and Community Work are now open for consultation. Additionally, the CLD Standards Council will now be represented on the Quality Committee of the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework.

Other things to look out for over the coming months include plans for a new Standards Council constitution, programmes of work and yes – another new member of staff! Interviews will be held at the end of May for the new Members’ Services post. The successful candidate will have the pleasure of getting to know our Membership in detail to secure services that will meet and enhance our professional practice needs.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone involved for helping to drive the Standards Council forward over the last few months. I am truly heartened by the co-operative nature, wisdom, passion, and sheer hard work of our Members and partners. Sadly the Glasgow evening sunshine, is now is not so warm, but the skies are still clear, hinting at clement days ahead.