CLDSC Member bulletin – 24 June 2020

CLDSC Member Virtual Meet Ups and Slack sign up

Great to have requests to join our Slack group workspace. Our Slack space has an instant chat facility and different channels for group discussions. We can also share information, files, and more.
You can download the Slack app on a tablet or phone. Come on over and join in the chat. If you’re interested in joining, email and we’ll send you the workspace invite!
The next Virtual Meet-Up will take place on Friday 17 July 1-2pm. We got lots of ideas from the last Meet-Up for discussion themes. There’s a Poll on Slack for what we should discuss in July. Don’t forget to cast your vote!

Survey on CLD Response to COVID-19

The results from wave 2 continue to show that in response to issues arising from the pandemic and the lockdown, large numbers of respondents are involved in support for people of all ages, particularly those at risk, and in working with community organisations who are themselves responding. A large majority point to positive ways in which they have used technology to adapt their practice to current needs. Sizable minorities of respondents have concerns over their own well-being, and issues over access to suitable technology.
Full statistical results from wave 2 are available on the website.
The forth wave of the survey is suspended right now as we reconfigure to take account of the issues arising from the recovery phase.

SCVO and DigiShift Resources

SCVO have been supporting organisations to find new ways to deliver services and to support employees and users to adapt to digital and remote working. They’ve produced three new ‘How to’ guides which highlight best practice and case studies.

  • Digital services
    This guide details the main topics you need to explore when you move your services to digital channels.
  • Remote working
    This guide will help you give your best support to employees and volunteers to empower them to do their best work from home.
  • Digital inclusion
    This guide will help any organisation delivering digital inclusion projects.

Their DigiShift Zoom calls have also generated lots of interest and you can find all the related blog posts, case studies and DigiListen podcasts on the DigiShift section of the SCVO website, along with the full recordings of the main sessions.

The resources from the calls are also accumulated into a resource library in this large Google Doc by Third Sector Lab. This is an open source document, so you can add your own resources, or any others you find useful.

The recordings of the themed DigiShift sessions for specific sectors are also available to watch on the SCVO You Tube channel. There’s one for CLD on there!

Community Development conversation

Community Development Alliance Scotland (CDAS) promotes policy and practice that supports community development. CDAS is inviting their members and subscribers to take part in a conversation about networking, sharing good practice, influencing policy, and the CDAS plans for the year ahead on 15th July at 11.00. You can subscribe to CDAS’s regular bulletin and register for the event on the CDAs website.

Associate member? Been working in CLD for several years? You could become a Registered Member through the Individual Recognition Process.

Associate members whose professional learning and experience has equipped them to the professional standard required for Registered Membership can have this recognised by demonstrating it through the Individual Recognition process.
The Individual Recognition application is reviewed by a panel of our practitioner committee members. They will consider the content of any relevant qualifications and professional learning you have done, along with your practice experience which you will be required to describe in terms of the CLD competences. You can use examples from work or voluntary activity that demonstrates your understanding and delivery using the CLD values, ethics and competences. If the panel feel they need additional detail they might also request an interview.
If you are an Associate member you can request the Individual Recognition application from
Further detail of the process and evidence required can be found on the website.

Report of the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery

The Advisory Group on Economic Recovery has published its report on how we as a country recover from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Towards a Robust, Resilient Wellbeing Economy for Scotland, is based on the four capitals of People, Environment, Community and Business and considers how work in these areas can support the challenges presented by inequality, unemployment and education.

View the full report on the Scottish Government website.

Education Scotland useful links

Education Scotland have assembled a collection of links to online resources for Community Learning and Development on Wakelet. The online Wakelet makes it easy to access relevant materials from the one place. Please check which are available and suitable for use within your area of practice.
View the online wakelet resource.

CLD Big Blether

The CLD Standards Council is partnering with Education Scotland to host a series of online discussion sessions for CLD practitioners to share their experiences during the COVID-19 crisis. A group space has been created on i-develop with a note of the CLD Blether that took place on the 28 May and a forum for further comments and discussion.
Big CLD Blether space on i-develop