Policy Responses and Commentary


The Standards Council is responsible for approval of training courses across the CLD field, for registration of practitioners and for creating a framework that enables practitioners to take charge of their own continuing professional development. All these specific responsibilities contribute to the shaping of an inclusive and empowering profession.

Any profession needs a voice. And this is all the more true for one like Community Learning and Development (CLD) that seeks to re-define what is meant by a “profession”, balancing rigour and inclusiveness, while striving to establish itself as a necessary part of public services.

The Standards Council offers a regular Policy Commentary, sent direct to members, as one way of strengthening the voice of CLD. Its standpoint reflects our core concern with high standards in CLD practice. It promotes fresh thinking about how policy impacts on practice, and how policy can be shaped by the experience of practice. You can find the archive below.

The Standards Council also submits responses to policy consultations. These responses are informed by committee members and registered members. These are also archived below.

Policy Commentary

Policy Responses